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Artist Work

Old Man Stroll
Cliffs at Pourville
Oil on Panel
9 x 12
14 x 18
Revivalism II
36 x 36 x 2
Revivalism III
14 x 14 x1
History (His Story)
24x 24 x 2

Artist Information

Howard County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Errol W. McKinson :: "It's not just Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors. It's a McKinson Collection. We do things differently." Having been recognized as a resilient and vibrant artist, I am inspired by the warmth of nature that surrounds me. As a creator of nature on canvas, panel, or whatever the surface is, it takes discipline, will power, courage and determination to represent nature in its true form, pure! I am inspired by some of the greatest painters who have ever lived. I favor impressionism because it’s a true representation of nature. Inherently, I have been a painter from creation, and as I grew older I realized that when you are chosen for a specific purpose you hold the key to your destiny. My process is a very simple one, which I believe leads to a great end result. After careful observation of the motif, weather for time of day, weather or season, and most of all the narrative within, I make a few thumbnail sketches in graphite and color; the drawing is then transferred to the canvas, panel, board or wall depending on the surface. As I proceed, I paint what I see within the light key which transforms the object to life. Currently, my overall body of work is represented in a total of ten series; A Look at DC and Water Lilies at Giverny, just to name a few. These are mainly from life experience throughout my travels as I capture nature at its best :: Errol W. McKinson

Artist Bio

Errol W. McKinson is a resilient and vibrant artist. He was born in the glowing capital of Kingston, Jamaica. At an early age, Errol was fascinated by the works of art that surrounded him. His first experience with color was from a set of watercolor paints given to him as a gift by his father, Edgar McKinson. Throughout his early childhood years, Errol became extremely interested in Impressionism. Upon reading a book from the school’s library at Wolmers High School for Boys, he was introduced to the techniques of Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and Edouard Manet. These Masters still influence his work today. As a “plein aír” painter and a practitioner of Impressionism and the Henry Hensche movement of Light and Color, Errol traveled to France to experience the origins first hand. Errol strives to present nature in its truest form. He specializes in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. These media bring to life the warm majesty of his experiences from “back home” in Jamaica and incorporate awe-inspiring visions of the beauty that surround him in the United States. Errol’s art studio is in suburban Maryland and his gallery can be found at, Facebook at, and on Pinterest at