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Lamar Jones

Lamar Jones

Artist Work

acrylic, vintage comic paper on canvas
Human Rights Matter
oil, spray paint on canvas
Go Getter
acrylic, vintage comic paper on canvas
Public Enemy 45
Acrylic on canvas, vintage comic paper

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Media Arts, Music, Other, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

“I like to manipulate the familiarity of iconic characters to give my art a nostalgic feeling. At the same time, twist the suggestive narrative to a visceral topic, to create a mature conversational piece. My work is influenced by everyday life, history, and fashion. I find inspiration through nature and my muse. For me, art is about the vibe. My goal for every piece is to provoke thought and positivity. I create to speak a visual language of love and silent protest.”

Artist Bio

Lamar Jones (b. 1989) is an expressionist artist and designer raised in Baltimore, MD with a lifelong dedication to the arts. Jones has an educational background in graphic design, although his expertise is multimedia painting using acrylic, oil and other mediums. His work is exhibited in various art galleries in the Baltimore/ D.C. Metropolitan area. His latest collection Blissful Insanity expresses controversy, love injustice, and common feelings relative to today's society. He currently lives and works in Baltimore, MD.



▪ Oct 2016- Paint the Runway | Baltimore, MD 

▪ Sep 2016- the Set NYC “Fashion Week Opening Art Show” curator Pim Shih | Manhattan, NY

▪ Aug 2016- “Art in Dusk” curator Moh Ducis | Washington, D.C.

▪ July 2016- “Art•ist Expo” | Baltimore, MD

▪ June 2016- “Art in Dusk” | Washington, D.C.

▪ June 2014- RAW “Panorama” | Washington, D.C.

▪ June 2014- Creative Alliance Gallery | Baltimore, MD