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The non-profit arts industry in Maryland has a $1.16 billion annual economic impact in our state. How do we know?

Because all MSAC grantee organizations submit their financial data to DataArts each year.

DataArts then generates a report that is submitted to the MSAC along with each grant application from an organization or County Arts Council. In turn, the MSAC tracks and measures the annual economic impact of the arts in Maryland, releasing a comprehensive report each year. The report shows legislators and other stakeholders in Maryland that the arts mean jobs and business across our entire state.

DataArts is a required part of Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) Grants for Organizations (GFO) applications, and Community Arts Development (CAD) applications. With more than 60,000 data profiles submitted in the last decade, DataArts is the gold standard source for data that goes well beyond IRS Form 990 information and tells a richly detailed story of America’s cultural nonprofits.

DataArts, formerly the Cultural Data Project, was founded to bring the language and leverage of data to the business of culture. The Cultural Data Profile (CDP) is DataArts’ flagship service, which thousands of cultural nonprofits use annually to report their financial and programmatic information. DataArts seeks to be a catalyst for data-informed decision-making.

DataArts’ mission is to empower the nonprofit arts and cultural sector with high-quality data and resources in order to strengthen its vitality, performance, and public impact. It accomplishes this mission in three ways:

• Equipping arts and cultural organizations to collect, learn from, and use data effectively;

• Building critical infrastructure for the sector as a trusted source of high-quality data that advances cultural initiatives; and

• Creating a national partnership and platform for cultural data, dedicated to collective learning, leadership, and action.

DataArts serves as an important catalyst for data-driven decision-making, resulting in stronger management for arts and cultural organizations, better informed funding policy for grant makers, and a rich information resource for advocates and researchers. You can learn more at

DataArts was operated by The Pew Charitable Trusts until 2013 and is now an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a national board of directors and governance structure.

A name change from the Maryland Cultural Data Project to "DataArts" took effect January 2016.

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