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Individual Artist Award

Puff 2 by Annet Couwenberg, 2018 IAA Recipient, Crafts
You Stepped Into My Life by Nakeya Brown, 2018 IAA Recipient, Photography

Individual Artist Award


Honoring Artistic Excellence: Individual Artist Award

Artists are at the heart of Maryland's thriving creative sector, and communities value artists for the vitality, cultural traditions and economic impact they support throughout the state.

Each year, MSAC recognizes the outstanding artistic achievements of artists from across Maryland. These awards honor artists, showcasing their importance to the cultural fabric of our state, supporting their creative potential and strengthening their impact on the local level.

Applying for an Award 

The Individual Artist Award program is being revised. Details about applying for a 2020 Independent Artist Award will be available in late August 2019. For information about changes to the program's structure, please see the recommendations on MSAC's Meeting Notices page. These changes were approved by the Council at a meeting on April 9, 2019 and are guiding the development of new guidelines.