Two baskets containing balls of yarn.
Yarn and fabric arts created by master artist Gwen Handler (Carroll County) and apprentice artist Winnie Dreier (Baltimore County) during a 2021-22 Folklife Apprenticeship on wool work.

Ways to Get Involved

Public Calls: Paid Opportunities

MSAC relies on a diverse array of experts from across the state of Maryland to do the important work of evaluating applications. We invite participation through program-specific public calls for panelists. We select panelists with a focus on diversity of experiences, diversity of location, and expertise in varying artistic disciplines. Panelists must be Maryland residents.

Current Openings

Public Art Across Maryland panelists

MSAC’s Public Art Across Maryland (PAAM) program offers two types of funding to support the planning, creation, and installation of new local public art projects, or the conservation of existing public art.  The PAAM program is accepting applications for individuals interested in serving to review FY24 PAAM grant applications for both the New Artworks and Conservation grant programs.

What to Expect as a Panelist:

  • Attend a virtual panelist training in early February 2024.
  • Evaluate approximately 40-50 applications on your own, with an estimated commitment of 18-20 hours over a six-week period between February and March 2024.
  • Attend a virtual panel meeting to discuss and provide Round 2 scores, in mid-March 2024; meeting time is approximately four hours, with breaks.
  • Complete all reviews and participate in required meetings virtually via Internet-connected computer to which the panelist has ready access.
  • Receive compensation including $50 for the training, $125 for the panel meeting, and fees depending on the number of applications reviewed:
  • 21-30 application: $550
  • 31-45 applications: $750
  • 45 or more applications: $900

What We’re Looking For:

  • 10-12 panelists for FY 2024.
  • Arts administrators, artists, art conservators, architects, landscape architects, and designers with a background in visual art or public art.
  • A wide geographic representation of the state of Maryland.

How to Apply:

  • Click the "Apply Now" button below to log in or create a free account in SmartSimple, MSAC’s online grants management system.
  • Under Funding Opportunities, select "Public Call."
  • Under the “Narrative” tab click “Grant Program,” and then select “Public Art Across Maryland.”
  • Click “Save Draft” and continue by answering the three simple prompts.

Questions? Contact Public Art Program Director Liesel Fenner at for assistance.

Deadline: Thursday, October 12, 2023, 11:59 p.m. ET

Poetry Out Loud judges

MSAC relies on a diverse array of judges from across the state of Maryland to do the important work of supporting and assessing students’ poetry recitation through the Poetry Out Loud (POL) competition process. Judges must be Maryland residents and will receive modest compensation for their service.

About Poetry Out Loud

Participation in POL offers high school students the opportunity to learn about their literary heritage, build self-confidence, and improve their public speaking skills. The process begins in fall, when participating students select three eligible poems from the POL website, analyze and memorize them, and present them at local competitions. Each local winner moves on to one of three regional competitions in February. The top three students at each regional competition advance to the state finals in March. During competitions, students are evaluated on physical presence, voice and articulation, interpretation, evidence of understanding, and overall performance for each poem recited. Regional and state competition dates will be confirmed in November. To learn more about Maryland’s upcoming 2023-24 POL program, click here

What We’re Looking For

  • Individuals with experience as theater artists, educators, professors, arts journalists, writers, actors, librarians, slam poets, and general poetry lovers
  • Availability on weekends in February and March

How do I apply to be a judge?

  • Review the POL Judges Guide by clicking here
  • Watch at least one recitation video by clicking here
  • Log in or create a free account in SmartSimple, MSAC’s online grants management system, by clicking here. You must be registered as an “Independent Artist” to apply to be a panelist (although you do not actually have to be an independent artist, the “Independent  Artist” SmartSimple label is necessary to apply).  
  • Under Funding Opportunities, select “Apply Now” next to "Public Call."
  • Fill in the demographic information, then click “Save Draft” at the bottom to populate the application. 
  • Under the Narrative tab, select "Poetry Out Loud Judge" from the drop-down options and complete the application questions. 
  • When the application is complete, click “Submit” to h   ave your application considered. 

Questions? Please contact Arts in Education Program Director, Lizzie Morales, at

The deadline to apply is Friday, November 10.

Chart listing the calls for panelists by Program, dates open & dates closed

There are no current editor opportunities.

Employment Opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities at MSAC.