Andrew Thorp

Painting, Visual / Media

My paintings are pictures from liminal everyday spaces painted usually with oil on canvas or panel. These images - a stray hubcap, a chain link fence, and grass growing on a median - are typical and even banal, but in them I find immense depth, presence and beauty. I enjoy the immediacy and quickness of paint, often letting the paint be itself rather than worrying too much about representation. I am interested in not only what objects are in my paintings but what they can become. I focus on presence in my work and what it means to present in a world susceptible to collapse due to climate catastrophe and economic disaster.

About the Artist

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK.  Attended MICA for a BFA and Towson University for a MFA.  Currently works and resides in the neighborhood of Waverly in Baltimore, MD.

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