Bria Edwards

Design / Digital, Painting, Photography, Visual / Media

About the Artist

Bria Edwards–a Washington, D.C. native and B.F.A. Graphic Design graduate of St. John’s University–spent over a decade scouting and scaling the visual arts circuit before finally finding her niche. Until then, she had been sure of only a few things–of these things. She needed texture. Her hands needed to bend and shape and mold divergent media, never tethered to just a computer keyboard or canvas. Edwards also needed her pallet-knife and vibrant colors to manifest her 2D portraitures–immersive and palpable opuses that both tangibly and visually debunk the monolithic myths about black people. Edwards finally found where her art “lived”, where she illuminated most brilliantly. She was selected for the juried invitational, “Inside Outside, Upside Down”, a special, 100th anniversary celebration for the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. Since then, she has been in several exhibitions and continues to grow and expand her art practice.

Featured Work