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Art opens my mind to be limitlessly creative, allowing me to visually present my innermost beliefs and feelings. I embody “art as self-expression” to the fullest, expressing and sharing all that is me: my inspirations, fears, sexual desires and joys; my culture, and loves. I challenge the boundaries of traditional mixed media art using square color schemes, along with various techniques that incorporate collage, digital painting, vector, 3D, and photo-manipulations.
I want my art to make people “FEEL”, I want the bright colors, seen textures, and compositions to move people. Bringing about emotions they never knew they had while evoking thought. The theme of my collection is titled “Melanated Expressions” showcasing the beauty of human art while telling the story of the African American community.
All the pieces I’ve created are my favorite, simply because they all have their own meaning and purpose of expression. If I had to choose one piece that best describes me it would have to be “Mind Growth”. As a child I struggled with reading and this piece represents my mental growth. The more I pushed myself to read the more it felt like food for my brain and I wanted more. This piece depicts how reading allowed me to transform knowledge into creative prospectives which drives my visions.

About the Artist

Prince George's County, MD Graphic Artist Broadie fell in love with art when he was a child in elementary school. The moment his teacher gave him a pair of scissors to start cutting shapes, he knew he wanted to create. He still remembers using cotton balls, popsicle sticks, paint, and glitter to create a snowman. He dreamed of having his designs on billboards for people to stop and stare. He was first introduced to digital art in 2005 attending Bowie State University, a Historical Black College (HBCU), majoring in Fine Arts. Through his coursework, Broadie’s skills in digital art using photoshop were shaped. While at Bowie State University he took classes in photography, sculpture, and drawing but something about digital art felt natural to him. Broadie shows his love for digital art by blending his skills in graphic design and love of mixed media, bringing about a perfect marriage of his two passions. Broadie’s inspiration has been birthed from the richness of Black History, the past, present and possibilities of the future. While showing how African Americans unique black fashion has impacted the world.

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