Catrice Greer

Literary, Multidisciplinary, Multidisciplinary Art, Music / Sound, Performance, Performance Art, Poetry, Public Art, Visual / Media

"Apothecaries for our souls …"
- MommaMendsUs

May you feel seen, be fully present, be healed, and be whole.

About the Artist

Catrice Greer is a poet, literary artist, mental health advocate, arboretum docent, and a Maryland Master Naturalist in training. She is a 2021 Pushcart Prize Nominee, a 2022 Storyteller Foundation/Rainbow Fund full scholarship recipient for the Her Spirit/Story Summit writer’s conference, and a 2022 Yellow Arrow Publishing Writer in Residence. Catrice is the founder of “Into the Green” a mindfulness, trauma-informed, nature-poetry workshop series. She is a teaching artist supported by Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic (TAMA) and Maryland Creative Classrooms (MC3). She earned a baccalaureate in English Literature from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  Ms. Greer is currently working toward the publication of her first poetry collection.  To learn more about Catrice Greer, read her work, listen to audio narration, or see her perform, please explore her artist website.  

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Artist's Statement

What do I need to say in a verse?  What have I lived? What does my soul say? What have I observed? What do I feel?  What is singing through me that needs to find the page?    As a literary artist, my poetry explores a range of topics, including mental health, trauma, healing, sciences, nature, astronomy, transcendence, spirituality/faith, identity, heritage, my heritage dialects, and cultural ancestry.  I embrace music and rhythm in spoken word when I perform. At times, my poetry performances may include my singing as a segue, creating emphasis, or as a meditative moment.  I embrace the power of vocal narrative tones when reciting my traditionally written free-verse poetry.  As a teaching artist, I embrace my commitment to the arts for learning, expression, documentation, healing, and empowerment. I believe that every voice has something to say. This spans diverse communities, generational age groups, styles, cultures, faiths, genders, identities, ability identities, wellness, and educational backgrounds. Zoom made it possible for me to meet people and build a network of relationships globally and throughout Maryland state. This matters because every voice is part of the tapestry of a larger context. Poetry allows for the cacophony of voices to say what is deeply meaningful to that person, that soul.  While I strongly believe in craft, I do not support elitism. Poetry is spoken word, traditional forms, bardic, music lyrics, prayers, innovation, and more. I encourage healthy expression and inclusion.  I urge myself to stretch my own artistry while remaining true and aligned with my beliefs and morals.  As a fellow artist, I encourage others to ethically do the same. I believe that the co-healing power of finding and using one's own voice is a transformative first step in healing, communicating, empowering, and building community. Helping people find their voice, and embrace it, allows for healing and autonomy.  It allows for healthy minds to find commonality and build community. To me, this small step forward helps others learn how to see the connections in multiple disciplines versus seeing only difference, they see commonality and perhaps also a possibility. And if someone can see the possibility, it is possible to envision a new future. In this, the power of vision especially for a creative soul is invaluable. As an artist and human being, all of this is an integral part of my own process of growth.     

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Seating and microphone accessibility are very helpful.
We can discuss materials and technology needs depending on the reading, workshop, or scheduled performance.

Catrice Greer is a Maryland resident with disabilities. At times, she utilizes mobility devices such as a walker or a cane.
Please inform her of the accessibility of your space (stairs, elevators, masks, mic availability, seating, etc). Thank you

She is willing to travel throughout the State of Maryland with reasonable accommodations, and a stipend for travel expenses in addition to the in-person performance or appearance fee.

Virtual appearances are welcome!