Dominique Vargo

Drawing, Painting, Visual / Media

I am inspired by flow and movement and enjoy drawing surreal images that show strong emotions. The images are created to invoke feelings and allow the viewer to explore their own journey.

About the Artist

I started seriously publicizing my artwork in 2016 and have since worked to become an independent artist. I am an abstract and surreal artist who works mostly in pencil and ink pen stippling.  I love to create images with lots of movement and flow.  My subjects include angelic creatures, earthen elements, and celestial objects.  My creation is driven by my subconscious thoughts to express emotional moments that viewers can relate to or identify with, not dictating what others should feel but only that they can.  Most of my creations start out as brief sketches of an idea.  The images evolve as each pencil mark is laid.  I never know what will happen in the areas not originally planned in the concept sketches. My ink pen stipplings are mostly studies in stream of consciousness.  I enjoy doing ink pen stippling because I can start with just a few pencil marks or ink wash on the paper and let the pen direct where the next dot will go.  I let the emerging image guide the next mark.

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Artist's Statement

With my creations, I hope to reach the viewers at a deep emotional level and keep them engaged with detailed flowing movement.

Featured Work