Multidisciplinary, Multidisciplinary Art, Music / Sound, Painting, Performance, Visual / Media

About the Artist

Emma Elizabeth Downing is a painter, singer, songwriter and performance artist. She found her musings while growing up in the family hospitality business; a pink motel along highway 280, the Heart of Dixie Motel in Alabama. Much of her work is informed by the customers, landscape and her mother, who worked and sang constantly. In 1983 E.Liz received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art and studied under the great painter, Grace Hartigan. Since then, Liz has been involved in musical performance art, growing a family, teaching and all the while, painting and making songs with inspiring collaborators.


Artist's Statement

I paint to create images that I cannot describe with words. I paint to record moments and happenings that take place in my psyche. My intent is to capture symbols that seep from the collective unconscious. I paint to portray the beauty and wisdom of nature’s organization and the numina rising from there. With paint, I relay characters, stories, light, form, and symbols. With my voice, I give these a setting in which to occur. 

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