Jennifer N. Shannon

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Most of my work is about love—its trials, its complexities, its simplicity. But it’s hard to live in this world as a Black woman (as a Black person) and not be outraged and frightened by how we are treated and perceived. That comes through in my writing. And it’s the reason I started curating exhibits about Black Joy. Through my writing, I want people to see us in the glory and light of who we are. Through my exhibits I am celebrating that glory and light through the work of others.

About the Artist

Jennifer N. Shannon has written and self-published a novel titled Silent Teardrops and two collections of poems, short stories and visual art, for the LOVE…Vol. 1 & 2. Her poetry, short stories, photography and an essay have been in exhibits, published in an anthology and featured in literary magazines such as Deep South, The Auburn Avenue and North Dakota Quarterly. The Maryland State Arts Council has awarded Jennifer with multiple grants over the past three years, including one to curate the recent six-month artist exhibition, Black Joy Is My Protest, which was showcased at Busboys and Poets in Baltimore. Also, in 2021 she attended the Hurston/Wright Foundation Writers Weekend for Fiction, was a Poetry Fellow at The Watering Hole in December of 2022 and was a 2022 Baker Artist Award Finalist for Literary Arts.

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Artist's Statement

I am a child of Hip-Hop and a daughter of NeoSoul. My writing has been influenced by music just as much as if not more than by my favorite books. I've developed a rhythm in my writing as natural as a thumping beat or dope lyric. What comes through is a truth that's unmistakeable and craft that continues to grow. Writing is my passion. It's the only thing I love as much as my family—my son. It's what I do when I can't do anything else. 

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