Jenny Walton

About the Artist

Jenny Walton holds a BFA from Central Washington University and an MFA from American University (D.C. and Italy). Walton has shown nationally in New York, Miami, Boston, and Seattle and internationally in Italy. She was awarded an Artistic Fellowship from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities among several other grants and residencies including Vermont Studio Center, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and Hamilton Princess, Bermuda. She and has been critically published in several catalogs and articles and her work is held in several distinguished private and public collections. She lives and works in the Washington D.C. Area.

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Artist's Statement

STATEMENT As part of the larger Triple Point series these works in silverpoint and watercolor explore the ephemeral nature of moments. Representing clouds at specific moments in the artist's life they explore the relationship of self and nature. The drawings done in monochromatic black and white and in small scale capture both a memory and the ability to hold power over the environment. Worked methodically and often with references of specific cloud formations and landscapes, the I attempt to create a sense of placement in time and space. Because our movements and moods are always shaped by our environment, (objects around us, time, light, and our general perception of reality), we are engaged, willingly or not, in a constant back and forth with Nature that keeps pushing back as we find, or more exactly elbow our way for, our place in the world. When one speeds through one’s day, the only constant reminder of something greater happens when one looks up and sees clouds, always ephemeral, always at the mercy of the next unpredictable draft. They act as a reminder to slow down and see beyond our everyday struggles. The urgency of drawing clouds came from a need to humanize the forces I cannot control. I wanted to bring the idea of nature into its exact opposite: manmade environments.

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