Jessica Snow

Craft, Literary, Multimedia, Performance, Performance Art, Photography, Prose, Public Art, Visual / Media

About the Artist

Jessica grew up in the suburbs of the “experimental garden for Radical plants.” An ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, Jessica has completed over 500 hours of study in yoga as therapy, with a background in Ayurveda. She is trained in VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga, and uses the support of aerial silks in private and group sessions to bring deeper alignment and support on both emotional and physical levels. An Associate Polarity Practitioner, Jessica has been studying herbalism, and wildcrafting medicines since early 2014. Since stepping into the field of alternative medicines, Jessica has devoted all of her free time and resources to building social change and making healing arts available to the public. Jessica has organized free community yoga flash mobs, educational retreats for the community at low or no cost, and volunteered countless hours as a healing artist within the DC metro area. Passions include plants, photography, artistic bodyscapes, churches across all denominations, traveling to the west, eating vegan food, the mountains, the ocean, and long rides on public transportation.

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