Kate Norris

Paper / Book / Illustration, Visual / Media

Mixed media collage artist who tears wallpaper to tell stories, assembling and juxtaposing the small paper fragments to form a greater whole. Often the mosaic-like artworks depict larger than life human heads, hands, and figures.

About the Artist

Kate Norris’ mixed media collages are made from tearing wallpaper and reconstructing the pieces in a new way, giving new meaning with a modern sensibility. From a distance, a viewer looking at the wallpaper collages will see a primary image. But, as the viewer looks closer the process reveals layers of torn and combined papers, where small narratives and abstract juxtapositions of flowers, animals, foliage, and colors are formed. Her collages open conversations about processes, techniques, and symbolic associations. Norris graduated with a BA from Stanford University and earned her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She has exhibited her work in San Francisco, New York City, Tampa, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Baltimore.

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Artist's Statement

I rip wallpaper, reconfiguring the small paper fragments to form a greater whole. Often the mosaic-like artworks depict larger-than-life human heads, hands, and figures. At once beautiful and thoughtful, the images are also stark. Using wallpaper imagery as a metaphor for domesticity and as reminders of a past life, I transform the fragments into anatomical and anthropological figures, which creates uneasiness. There is a contradictory aspect to the artworks: the appeal of the designs and colors within the wallpapers contrasted with the message within a piece. The collages alter the idealized and pastoral scenes contained within the wallpaper’s imagery and transforms them into a universal common denominator: our innate physiology and shared humanity. My ongoing body of work, the Perception series, continues the exploration of these universal themes, with some pieces referring to Baltimore, Maryland.  The stories in these pieces while specific to Baltimore reflect our society. 

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