Michel Demanche

Drawing, Multimedia, Photography, Visual / Media

I present several of the images from the series "The Yellow King". The series is a symbolic narrative fantasy about the struggle for power. The struggle appears as a game.

About the Artist

Michel Demanche defines herself as an artist whose work deals with perception, illusion, and memory. In the words of critic and writer, Wade Wilson, she is a storyteller whose work addresses the commonalities of everyday life in her native Texas, Maryland where she currently lives, and indeed in the United States at large. Technically, Michel’s art falls clearly within the style of the North Texas School of art made famous by Robert Rauschenberg. She regularly combines traditional photography, printmaking, painting, drawing and handmade papers in her compositions which are two-dimensional or fully three-dimensional by turn.  Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally garnering many awards such as 1st place in photography at the Florence Biennial.

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