Suzanne Shelden

Design / Digital, Drawing, Painting, Paper / Book / Illustration, Photography, Visual / Media

About the Artist

Suzanne Shelden has lived in Maryland for most of her life. Her strengths are in painting, drawing, photorestoration, graphic design, and exhibit design. As a painter she has been active for over 40 years. Three of her current series are: "Route 4" (paintings of views as seen from the car), "Appalachian" (scenes from the mountains), "Washingtonian" (DC perspectives). Her work is currently showing at Artworks@7th in North Beach, Maryland, and at North End Gallery in the heart of the Leonardtown Arts District.

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Artist's Statement

I get inspired by my surroundings. I want to share views or scenes I have experienced, to focus on them in a way that augments and preserves the memory of the place or object. As a painter of landscape and still life, each new composition challenges, teaches, and lets me relive what I have experienced. As a painter of color and abstract and fantasy, each new painting is an experiment and exploration.

Featured Work