Terence Hannum

Painting, Sculpture / Installation, Visual / Media

My sculptures highlight the allure and beauty of psychoactive and poisonous plants while encouraging us to reflect on existence and mortality.

I model all of these pieces in 3D modelling software and then 3D print them in various materials to accentuate their alien qualities. Inspired equally by science-fiction and botany, I aim to create an uncanny installation that feels real but has mutated.

Translucent, 3D printed, flowers grow from the walls as an homage to the 1978 classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In exhibition each flower is delicately lit, creating insidious shadows.

About the Artist

Terence Hannum is a Baltimore based visual artist, writer and musician. He has exhibited at Mono Practice (Baltimore, MD), The Suburban (Milwaukee), TSA (Brooklyn), Guest Spot (Baltimore), Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL), School 33 (Baltimore), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Gallery 400 at UIC (Chicago, IL), Allegra La Viola (NYC), City Ice Arts (Kansas City, MO) & Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans, LA)

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Booking Price: $2,001-$5,000