Winston Harris

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The prints I have selected employ traditional/non-traditional experimentation in contemporary printmaking produced in a two-dimensional/three-dimensional format. I’m experimenting by using isolated images within a structured composition and enlarging into individual designed prints. This will form direction for a self supportive concept. The significant of producing an inventory such as this is to demonstrate my ability to extent ones visual vocabulary and the importance of reconstructing artwork to be reinventing into a new identity. My focus is to disguise its original representational imagery. Recreating a new image by incorporate materials from the original design and manipulating into my ideology of what influence a contemporary invention.
One of my methods for experimental printmaking involves modifying the artwork by resurfacing the print in order to investigate the bold colors and stencil-like patterns mounted into the composition. After, I established progressive modification in my artwork; I apply different elements to display a transition such as introducing two or more printmaking disciplines into one format, transforming two-dimensional prints into three-dimensional free standing structural forms and combining different mediums.
This involves color theory, line quality, balance, perspective, scale and other formal issues surrounding my creative process that has tailored the development of my artwork. My goal is to create an individual style within this process and be identified as an artist with equal or advance craftsmanship. My strategy to develop challenging concepts in recognizing the importance that’s associated when composing compositions which attempts to provoke and promote self awareness, social consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

About the Artist

As a resident of Prince George's County, Winston W. Harris earned printmaking degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University, (BFA) and Howard University (MFA). (2022-2023 Key-Holder Artist in Residency Program at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, (2016-2017) Finalist Artist: Purple Line Transit Partners Project and Sandy Spring Museum (Guest Artist Program). With 2022 Purchase Grant from Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, four Grants and 2020 Artist Relief Grant from the Prince George Arts Council, Harris conducted artist in residencies and works with a selected group of established artists who assist with his growth as he strives to further his knowledge as a printmaker.  His strategy has been to challenge the constraints displayed in traditional and non-traditional techniques with experiences to create contemporary experimentation in printmaking.  His artwork introduce two or more disciplines into one format, transforming two dimensional print into three dimensional free standing structures, combine a combination of mediums onto the print surface and reinventing images by recycling past artwork into new identities. His artwork is currently in collections: Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission-Riverdale, MD, United States Department of State-Washington, DC, The Library of Congress-Washington, DC, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, The David C. Driskell Center-College Park, MD, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities-Washington, DC, The Federal Reserve Bank-Richmond, VA. And Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Baltimore, MD etc…         

Winston Harris website (Recent artwork in "Real Estate" and "All Night Jazz Journey" series) Winston Harris website View Gallery

Artist's Statement

My etching prints process involves modifying the artwork by applying manual deletion technique after the print has been produced. This allowed me to refurnish, resurface and refine the print’s undercoating in order to identify the brilliant colors and present bold stencil-like patterns embedded in the etching design. I’ve furthered integration a collage process, creating a hybrid and/or combining hand-colored processes like watercolors, colored pencils, pens, charcoal, paints, etc. onto the surfaces. The artworks assembled combine an abstract expressionism format to identify my relationship with mentors and their influence on the development of my artwork. Inspirational soundtracks like (2022 "All Things New" by Tye Tribbett) helped to provide an artistic narrative for the 2023 series “Tribal Treasure” conceptual theme. This transition is continued in the “All Night Jazz Journey” series introduces my interpretation of elements representing visual sound applied within an abstract expressionist design format. My interest is to stimulate concepts and to question how American music may look as visual soundtrack. Thereby, extending and/or reinventing my series to reflect my ideology of images associated with conceptual themes. The artwork will symbolize my attempt to create unification between different ethnicity and how images and/or social iconic designs are adopted and identified with their particular cultural ideology. With these series, the viewer will recognize the importance and impact of spirituality and nature in visual communication and examine contemporary imagery.

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