Historic Stevensville A&E District

"View displays of local art in numerous galleries, partake in a seasonal festivals or enjoy studio classes, music evenings and workshops. Stevensville A&E embodies small town charm and offers fine dining and outdoor recreation on the Cross Island Trail."

About this A&E District

A root effort of businesses and artists in Stevensville help to form a designated arts and entertainment district on Kent Island. The district has housed artists for more then 20 years. A large community of artists are members of ART EAST, Chesapeake Art League, the Queen Anne’s County Arts Council and Kent Island Federation of Arts, which will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2013! From these memberships, artists partake in seasonal festivals, group shows, studio classes, travel shows, lectures, music evenings, workshops, paint-outs and opportunities to exhibit art in galleries and businesses throughout the county.

As of July 1st, 2013 Historic Stevensville became one of 22 State Designated Arts and Entertainment Districts in Maryland. Along with the designation comes tax incentives and credits to artist and art related enterprises.

Historic Stevensville is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Historic buildings line the street creating a beauty and spirit that can’t be built today!

Contact: Historic Stevensville Arts and Entertainment District Board
Website: https://www.stevensvilleartsandentertainment.org/
Email: info@stevensvilleartsandentertainment.org