People on top of concrete blocks in various poses
UMBC dance students rehearse under 'Forum' by Thomas Sayre (2014)

Artwork Commissions Collection

Public art connects communities creating engaging public spaces for all to enjoy.

Read below for more about the completed projects that highlight the collection.

Dedicated on September 11, 2011, the 9/11 Memorial of Maryland at the Baltimore World Trade Center honors the extraordinary heroism, commitment and sacrifice of Maryland’s 9/11 victims, rescuers, first responders and their families. The Memorial has come to be a place of remembrance as families of victims and the general public observe the annual sundial alignment of the building’s shadow as it passes across the sculpture and etched markings in the marble denoting the timeline of the attacks. For a virtual tour and history of the Memorial click here.

The 9-11 Exhibition including artifacts can be viewed in the Baltimore World Trade Center’s Top of the World Observation Level. Click here for hours.

Artist: Thomas Sayre

Title: Forum (2014)

30’ Arches, earthcasting (reinforced concrete with iron oxide cast in molds dug from the earth), granite seats, lighting 


Arches in various sizes outside of a school building

Artist: Eric Peltzer 

Title: Stochastic Interactions (2018)

30’ Stainless steel kinetic wind sculpture 


Silver metal sculpture on a staircase in front of a glass building

Artist: Mark Stutzman 

Title: Always Ready (2019)

8’ x 17’ Mural, Hand-drawn & painted then digitally enlarged and printed 

Two soldiers walking by a mural depicting a scene with soldiers

Artist: Volkan Alkanoglu 

Title: INFLIGHT (2019)

Three 25’ x 25’ walls, Painted extruded aluminum sculpture 

People sitting in front of a mural
People on the stairs standing in front of a mural
People on the stairs standing in front of a mural

Artist: Michael Singer Studio (2020)

Title: Piney Branch Water Garden

Formed concrete, aluminum castings, lighting, plants, water

Public art sculpture of wood and greenery in water
Greenery wall with concrete columns
Wooden stairs with a greenery wall

Artist: Thomas Sterner 

Title: Feather of Monumental Size (2022) / Outdoor Sculpture

22’ tall x 6’ wide x 5’ deep, Stainless steel, welded, swirl sanded finished sculpture 

Feather of Monumental Size in front of Salisbury Animal Health Lab

Title: Running Horses (2022) / Interior Wall Piece

4’ high x 18’ long x 2” thick, Low relief carved in various woods and wall hun

Salisbury animal hospital public art installation
Close up of Running Horses public art installation

ArtistAyokunle Odeleye

Title: "The Family" 

7’ height x 3’ width x 4” depth, stainless steel

Artist Ayokunle Odeleye standing next the metal sculpture
The Family at University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Inside the Family at University of Maryland Eastern Shore


Located at: 2500 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD

Artist: Nnamdi Okonkwo

Title: Community of Stars

9.5 ft height x 8 ft width, Cast Bronze

People standing around bronze sculpture, Community of Stars
Back-view of Community of Stars sculpture outside of Coppin State University
Close up view of Community of Stars sculpture at Coppin State University

 Read below for more about the completed projects that highlight the collection.

Projects Currently in Implementation:

Catonsville District Courthouse
Lobby: Jackson Jarvis Studios
2nd Floor Hallway: Wesley Clark

Bowie State University
Communication Arts & Humanities
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