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As a community centric artist, I engage over 3000 community members annually in the making of large public art pieces, both 2-D and 3-D. I coordinate with community leaders to offer workshops specifically tailored to the ages and abilities within the community. With the help of my assistant, we engage, instruct, and work alongside community members to fulfill our motto, that many hands make light (filled) work. Our process uses mosaic glass and ceramics to bring “non artists” to the table. It is our experience that when a community can be part of the art making process they will feel a deeper sense of connection, ownership and fondness for the art.

About the Artist

Ever since I can remember I have been a dreamer, a creator, and someone who is fiercely devoted to self expression and kindness. It is with this ideology that I move in the world and have devoted my life to the exploration of art and the creation of hundreds of public art installations within communities all over the world. From Africa to Israel, to small towns along the East Coast and over 100 public art projects in Baltimore and the DMV alone, I have been able to utilize my talents and expertise to spread the power of art. It is my life’s mission and my deepest passion to create meaningful connections through engagement in the creative arts. Over the course of the last 20 years I have had the honor to create some extraordinary works of art and bring communities together through the creative process. In 2020, as the Director of Community Service and Public Art at Art with a Heart, I worked under the constraints of COVID to bring together over 950 aging adults, youth and children in a way that seems unimaginable, to create pieces that became part of the Heart of Baltimore sculpture. A year later I led a massive mosaic project in Ashkelon, Israel, working with groups both in and around Maryland as well as hundreds of Israelis that came together to create three 9 ft mosaic sculptures for a senior living facility, which houses the largest population of Holocaust survivors still alive. These are just two examples of the myriad of projects that I have designed and led over my lifetime. I have witnessed the power of art, which can transcend language, gender, and race. I believe in creative recovery and art's power to heal. My experience and understanding of this has transformed the way I work and the work that I create. I take great responsibility and care in the way I approach public art and hope to continue to beautify spaces and build community throughout the world.

Artist's Statement

My work is centered around creating access and meaningful engagement within diverse communities to foster a sense of self confidence, healing and joy.  Since 2000, my work has involved the creation of contemporary mosaics both 2-D and 3-D for public spaces.  Mosaic is a very accessible art form and offers the highest form of engagement within communities. For the past decade my work has evolved to include many outdoor/public installations using a variety of mixed media applications, such as painted murals, metal work, found objects and ceramic.  I use my talents to build community through the creation of art in the hopes that together we can create something that is meaningful, long lasting and life changing. My work is inspired by the people, places, history and the surrounding world that will house each work of art. Within my own personal work I tend to incorporate a lot of movement, texture and organic materials. I try to bring a little of myself into each piece I design, while still captures the voice of the community, to which I serve. 

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Booking Price: > $5,000

My pricing will depend on the scale of the project, the length of time, the materials and installation requirements.
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Gonzalo Solís, MHSA, FACHE
Vice President, Operations
University of Maryland Medical Center
Downtown & Midtown Campuses
Office: 410-225-8295

Ali Mirsky worked with Gonzalo and his team to gather input and feedback on the design of the Midtown Campus Mosaic mural. Additionally Gonzalo worked with Ali to establish the budget and initial community engagement. The MTC mosaic is 11 wide x 17 feet tall and serves to welcome patients and guests into the newly constructed Midtown Campus Tower. Throughout the creation the project engaged a cadre of volunteers, including hospital staff, patients, students, local communities members and key stakeholders.

Wayne Nicolette
3601 Clipper Mill Rd.
Baltimore Md. 21211
C (443) 474-8037
w (410) 366-6800

For the past four years Ali has consulted with Wayne on numerous projects. They first worked together on an installation for the Enoch Pratt Free Library, where they collaborated on a sculptural wall for the Children’s Library. Since that first collaboration, Ali has hired Wayne for installation support and the building of many frames and armatures for other large scale projects.

Jonathan Taube, Associate AIA
Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
805 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD

Severn Community Center Ali was the selected finalist for the Severn Community Center mosaic mural project and as a result worked closely with Jonathan, the lead architect. Ali designed and led the project as Director of Community Service and Public Art through Art with a Heart. Throughout the entire process, Ali worked with Jonathan which included selecting the colors of concrete walls and surrounding benches located in front of the entrance to the building.