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Carrie Patterson's artwork has been exhibited across the country with solo shows in Virginia, Maryland, New York City, Philadelphia, and Minnesota. In 2020 she created The Shaping of America: A Painter's Perspective, a group exhibition that will travel to The Painting Center in January 2022. In addition to being a working artist and professor, Patterson founded The Gesso (a college art consulting company and resource for creative teens) in 2020, The Yellow Line (an art company that provides quality K-12 art education material to individuals and educators) in 2018, and authored the course How to See (produced by The Great Courses) in 2018. She opens up her studio for art classes every Friday in Leonardtown.

About the Artist

Carrie Patterson, is a Professor of Art at St. Mary's College of Maryland. She is Department Chair of Art and Art History and is the recipient of the Steven Muller Distinguished Professorship in the Arts. With over two decades of experience making artwork, she has dedicated her time to a daily perceptual painting and drawing practice that engages her mind and body in building a creative life. Patterson earned her BFA in Studio Art from James Madison University and an MFA in painting from The University of Pennsylvania. She worked closely with Barbara Grossman, Bob Slutzky, and Hitoshi Nakazato. Additionally, she was a student resident at The New York Studio School, where she worked with second-generation abstract expressionists Charles Cajori, Mercedes Matters, and Rosemarie Beck.

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Artist's Statement

Early in her career, Patterson combined abstraction with observation using forms found in vernacular architecture such as billboards, signs, and barns as source material. Through a slow process of mining a site for information, she remembers specific places by measuring distance and observing light by drawing, filming, and photographing. By 2010, her method of constructing paintings, layering paint on canvas, stacking wood and paper, became primary to her creative process. She maintains her practice, often incorporating memories of observed landscapes into her constructions and isolating color events or single gestural marks. Her work has been exhibited widely across the country with solo shows in Philadelphia, New York, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, and Minnesota.

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