Dj Da Artist

Drawing, Multidisciplinary, Multidisciplinary Art, Multimedia, Painting, Photography, Sculpture / Installation, Visual / Media

About the Artist

  I'm a multimedia artist and current student at MICA, based in Baltimore, where I was born and raised. My roots and environment is where I draw the majority of my inspiration from. My work is the reflection of me growing up in one of the deadliest cities in America, and the everlasting impact it has on the people who live here. “When the visual characteristics of DJ artwork are dissected one will discover its true meaning. And also discover there is usually more than one simple yet raw message being told, it flows effortlessly. The style of his work expresses the oppression of those often ignored within different societies; he implements meaning in his form, color, eccentricity and truth. While also shining a light on internal desolation, sorrow and unhealthy immunity making it relatable without the feeling of melancholy. DJ utilizes the world of art in full, never using one way to magnify the world around him. Without taking the aesthetic approach. His artwork possesses clear narrative while inviting his audience to create their own story. His paintings, photography and videos are usually between two worlds allegorical- reflecting social and political issues in one image. Or admirable of the plain beauty of human beings magnified by their imperfections.”  

Featured Work