Drawing, Multidisciplinary, Multidisciplinary Art, Painting, Sculpture / Installation, Visual / Media

Creating and transferring knowledge has always been the most honorable mission of humans for me. I dreamed of a harmonious exchange of consciousness between the artist and the audience. Artwork should dissociated from any craft immediately.

The objects had to raise awareness on all social matters; sociology and ethics, identity, politics/autocracy, manipulated realities, religious dogma, corruption, status quo, commoditization, hypocrite success, self-confrontation, liberties and equal rights, instead of being decorative.

About the Artist

Conceptual artist and author [1987, Ankara]. Granted multiple international honors for his 11 NGO / association presidency, pioneer marketing projects and as the A.D. 1644 Marketing Group CEO, 'best digital & strategic agency' awards. His artworks were exhibited in 120+ exhibitions in ~30 countries, 14 of which are solos. Us, who is the author of the books Digital Prestige, Status Quo, Polisopolis and 50+ articles; holds TH Management, Sociology and Philosophy license degrees from Bilkent, Istanbul, Anadolu Universities, lectures at Eastern Mediterranean University and continues his multidisciplinary art studies at MICA [Maryland Institute College of Art], USA

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