Katja Toporski

Jewelry, Sculpture / Installation, Visual / Media

We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one direction, not another, unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present and future mingle, pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations. Anais Nin

About the Artist

Originally from Germany, Katja Toporski is an installation and jewelry artist, and an educator with an MFA from Towson University. Her work explores the limitations of knowledge in the seen and unseen worlds. It has been shown in numerous exhibitions, currently at the Baltimore Jewelry Center, and recently in Tallinn, Estonia and in Lappeenranta, Finland, both in 2022.

Katja Toporski website katjatoporski.com

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