MSAC Public Art Program Changes

Since 2013, MSAC’s Maryland Public Art Initiative has commissioned artists to create public art projects in new State buildings. The program will now be included with our Public Art Across Maryland program and titled Artwork Commissions. This is a ‘percent-for-art’ program where a percentage of a construction budget for a new State building or renovation project is set-aside for public art. Artists are selected through an open-call process and MSAC manages the process from artist application through selection, design, fabrication, and installation. The work becomes part of the State public art collection and is publicly accessible.

The Public Art Across Maryland program also offers grants including: New Artworks that support artists or organizations in the planning, creation and installation of new local public art projects; and Conservation Grants that support organizations conserving and preserving existing public artworks in Maryland. 

Stay tuned to MSAC newsletters for notifications of Calls to Artists for Artwork Commissions and the FY22 funding cycle for New Artworks and Conservation grants. To learn more about public art, check out our new Resources webpage.