Arts in Education grants strengthen and promote lifelong learning in the arts by supporting teaching artists on MSAC's Teaching Artist Roster to implement arts education programs in Maryland’s schools and communities.

Please note: There will be no application review during the month of December. The next application deadline is January 5, 2024.

AiE Grants are available to support arts learning activities in Maryland's schools, libraries, community centers, detention centers, other government entities, and with nonprofit organizations. The MSAC Teaching Artist Roster can be found under the Resources section below. 

In order to apply for an AiE Grant, the teaching artist must be on the MSAC Teaching Artist Roster and the school or community site must be one of the following:

  • 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (an organization with an IRS-designated 501(c)3 status) in Maryland. (Note: Private schools with 501(c)3 status are eligible.)
  • Unit of government based in Maryland. (Note: Public schools are eligible)
  • College or university (an established higher education institution in Maryland) 

And have operated for one completed and documented fiscal year at the date of application submission with ongoing arts activities.

Please review the following steps before applying for an Arts in Education grant:

1. Teaching Artist and Site Agree to Collaborate

Before beginning an application, the Teaching Artist and Site must confirm the following: 

  • Teaching Artist availability
  • Arts education activities/programs
  • Teaching Artist fees and budget

Applications must specify an artist, ensemble, or organization currently on the MSAC Teaching Artist Roster. To find Roster artists, click here to visit the Maryland Arts Directory and click on "View the Teaching Artist Roster." Another listing of the MSAC Teaching Artist Roster can also be found under the Resources section below. 

Ensembles and organizations must indicate a Lead Artist on the application. The Lead Artist is responsible for leading the arts education activities at the site. The application may identify multiple types of arts learning activities with their selected Lead Artist. If a site wishes to receive funding for different Lead Artists in one fiscal year (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024), they must submit separate applications. 

Note: Teaching Artists not currently approved by MSAC are encouraged to apply to the MSAC Teaching Artist Roster. For more information on the Teaching Artist Roster application and review process, please click here

2. Identify a Site Coordinator

Applicants must identify a Site Coordinator in each application. Site coordinators are affiliated with the site organizations and are responsible for coordinating logistics and materials with the Lead Artist, if an application is funded. Please review the Arts in Education Grant Guidelines for more information on the role and responsibilities of the Site Coordinator.  

3. Application Submission 

The Independent Artist or Artist’s affiliated organization may start the application (whomever is the grant recipient, if the grant is awarded) and serves as the primary contact on the application. 

Organizations and ensembles must indicate a Lead Artist on the application. The Lead Artist signature is required on the application; therefore, the organization will need to email the AiE Program Director, Lizzie Morales at, to give the Lead Artist access to the application.

If the Site Organization would like to contribute to or complete the grant application on behalf of an artist, the teaching artist will need to email the AiE Program Director, Lizzie Morales at, to give collaborative editing privileges to the Site Organization and/or grant writers.

The Fiscal Year 2024 Arts in Education Grant Budget is $745,000. The budget was approved by the Council on June 8, 2023.

The Arts in Education Grant amounts are based on the applicant’s request. The maximum amount of the grant is $6,000.

A school or community site may participate in up to two grants per fiscal year (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024). 

Lead Artists (defined as the person who is responsible for leading the arts learning activity) may receive grant awards up to 4% of MSAC’s overall annual Arts in Education grant budget. For FY24, the Lead Artist grant award maximum is $29,800. 

Teaching artist organizations may receive grant awards totaling up to 15% of MSAC’s overall Arts in Education annual grant budget, while also observing the 4% maximum per Lead Artist outlined above. For FY24, the Teaching Artist Organization grant award maximum is $111,750.

For each Arts in Education Grant a Roster Teaching Artist is approved for, MSAC will disburse one payment directly to the Teaching Artist: 100% of the grant amount at the time of the execution of the Grant Agreement form (GAF). Teaching Artists are the sole recipients of grant monies.

All MSAC grants are paid on the same timeline. To learn more, click here.