County Arts Development (CAD) grants support Maryland's county arts agencies, extending the service of MSAC.

CAD grants support county arts agencies, with the goals of providing:

  • a vital connection with artists, arts organizations, and audiences throughout the State; 
  • encouragement of local arts activity of all disciplines in all of Maryland’s diverse communities; and 
  • equitable funding for the arts on the local level through transparent processes that are accessible to all county constituents.

CAD grants are available to local agencies or nonprofits designated by the jurisdiction’s government as the official arts agency or council of the jurisdiction.

Designated county arts agencies submit one of two types of applications annually. On-Year applications encourage evaluation of local needs and long-term planning. 

On-Year (every 3 years)

  • County arts agencies submit a three-year plan that details how the county arts agency will meet constituent needs as well as MSAC's goals through their grant making and programs. 
  • A draft plan is reviewed by MSAC staff and a review panel, and feedback is given with technical assistance as needed. 
  • Revisions are made based on initial MSAC review, as needed, and the preliminary plan is submitted for Council approval.
  • The Council (or a designated committee) reviews on-year county arts agencies’ plans and approves them or makes suggestions and requests for revision. 

Off-Years (intervening 2 years)

  • County arts agencies submit an off-year application that details any changes to its three-year plan, required financial reporting, and any requests for professional development.
  • Off-year applications are reviewed by MSAC staff and any major changes are reported to the Council.

MSAC staff, panelists or councilors can recommend a county arts agency be required to submit a full application in any subsequent fiscal year for reasons including but not limited to: submission of a weak three-year plan, grant noncompliance, or significant changes in budget, programming, operations, or leadership.

See the Grant Guidelines for detailed information.

Upon execution of grant agreement, payment will be processed for receipt in 6-8 weeks. Grantees are required to submit a final report at the completion of the funded project. For detailed reporting requirements, please see the Grant Guidelines.

All MSAC grants are paid on the same timeline. To learn more, click here.

Grantees are required to submit interim and annual reports detailing the use of funds and other relevant information. 

See the Grant Guidelines for detailed information.