Projects & Collection

Public art connects communities creating engaging public spaces for all to enjoy. The following completed projects highlight the Maryland Public Art Initiative (MPAI) collection.

Artist: Thomas Sayre

Title: Forum (2014)

30’ Arches, earthcasting (reinforced concrete with iron oxide cast in molds dug from the earth), granite seats, lighting 


Arches in various sizes outside of a school building

Artist: Eric Peltzer 

Title: Stochastic Interactions (2018)

30’ Stainless steel kinetic wind sculpture 


Silver metal sculpture on a staircase in front of a glass building

Artist: Mark Stutzman 

Title: Always Ready (2019)

8’ x 17’ Mural, Hand-drawn & painted then digitally enlarged and printed 


Two soldiers walking by a mural depicting a scene with soldiers

Artist: Volkan Alkanoglu 

Title: INFLIGHT (2019)

Three 25’ x 25’ walls, Painted extruded aluminum sculpture 


Close up of a mural mimicking bird wings in various colors

Artist: Michael Singer Studio (2020)

Title: Piney Branch Water Garden

Formed concrete, aluminum castings, lighting, plants, water


Outdoor public art installation of blocks around water
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