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Kid Balloon mission statement is to provide the public with art that has positive messaging and imagery. The slogan for my art is "Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Life". This is the reasoning for me using the balloon as my motif. It's a symbol of celebrating all the beautiful things in life. The word "Kid" in my name refers to my intention to bring out the inner kid in everyone that believes the world is a huge beautiful place that unifies us. My art is about boosting moral and confidence in every while promoting community.

About the Artist

Kid Balloon is a visual artist that specializes in graphic design, fine arts painting, event planning, creative direction, and fashion design. Kid Balloon has worked on many major projects with many well-respected organizations in Baltimore, Maryland, and outside of Baltimore. In partnership with BTST Services and BTST Cares, Kid Balloon served as the lead artist and curator for the Black Lives Matter mural in front of Baltimore City Hall. As the lead artist for a breast cancer awareness event hosted by Digital Footprint, Kid Balloon created a beautiful interactive mural for the guests to sign the names of loved ones who were affected by breast cancer. He was also the first artist and Black artist to have an official collaboration with National Bohemian Beer. Kid Balloon has also created murals at schools with students, such as Harlem Park Elementary/Middle and Auburn Elementary. During childhood, Kid Balloon was inspired by Bob Ross on PBS and he began imitating those episodes. Coming from a family of many talents such as drawing, singing, and cosmetology, Kid Balloon was surrounded by creativity. However, due to the harsh reality of inner-city living in Baltimore, his family had to focus on surviving. While many of his friends turned to the streets, Kid Balloon promoted events and created hand-drawn shirts that gained the attention of his peers and adults. After high school, Kid Balloon focused on using art to create positive life-affirming messages in the community. Kid Balloon’s goal is to make art accessible and relatable to people who otherwise would not experience it within traditional art galleries. That art led to collaborations with brands such as National Bohemian Beer, Hennessy, BTST Cares, Hotel Revival, Baltimore City Hall, DTLR, Broccoli City Festival, Timberland, Creative Director Of Baltimore City Afram Festival, Shoe City, Patron, CIAA, BLK Swan and many more.

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Artist's Statement

The artwork is loved from many age ranges from kids to adults because its so vibrant and welcoming. Specializing in mix media on canvas works. Graphic design is also a strong area.

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Booking Price: $2,001-$5,000

email: info@kidballoon
phone: (443)-851-0089

paint, brushes, scissor lift for murals


I have no restrictions on travel. Availability will be determined upon time of contact.