Quentin Walston

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“Stunning....impeccable...” — Clarke Monthly

About the Artist

Quentin Walston is an active composer, pianist, and music educator from Brunswick, Maryland. He performs with his jazz trio and as a solo pianist, blending memorable melodies and striking rhythms with adventurous improvisations.

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Artist's Statement

Quentin Walston's original music has been featured on NPR and PBS stations and multiple podcasts. Since earning his degree in Jazz Studies from James Madison University, he has released a full-length album, two EPs, and composed multiple large-scale original works. As an educator, Quentin teaches classes, workshops, and private lessons. He is passionate about his creative concert-seminars where, at the piano, he emulates and narrates the styles musicians in jazz’s dynamic history.


Booking Price: $500-$1,000

Solo booking: $500+/- depending on event and whether engagement is multi-day.
Jazz Trio booking: Negotiable, $1,000+ depending on event and whether engagement is multi-day.

I can provide my own electric piano and amplification in the event that a venue does not have a piano.

I am willing to travel anywhere in Maryland. However, travel expenses are be considered when quoting booking price.

HEATHERWOOD CONCERT BY JAZZ PIANIST QUENTIN WALSTON Review by Washington Post classical music critic Cecelia H. Porter, ret.
Walston’s superb concert, titled “A History of Jazz,” was especially marked for this pianist’s ease and fluidity of style, as well as by his deep perception of the music’s meaning.
Also noteworthy was his unimpeded connection with his extraordinarily responsive audience.
His concert was easily sufficient enough to send him to musicians’ halls of fame everywhere.
In addition, Walston’s playing evidenced keen imagination and its close relative— a superb sense of creativity.
I was no surprise, then, that a large audience obviously loved his performance.

RECOMMENDATION FOR QUENTIN WALSTON’S CONCERT TOURS By Martha Braden, pianist, recording artist, educator
Quentin Walston has led us into the magical, unique world of jazz, during his visits to Heatherwood Retirement Community. His presentations are a welcome display of his love, perception, and mastery of this genre. We love to hear him speak and play.
He gives short descriptions of types of jazz. He then sits at the piano playing actually in the styles of other pianists and composers, such as Duke Ellington, Errol Garner, Dave Brubeck to name a few. THEN HE HONORS US WITH HIS VERY OWN STYLE. But all of their music represents —stands for— human feelings across our times. And across the globe.
Here at Heatherwood, some newest members are readily impressed listening to Quentin play jazz arrangements of some songs they already know well, such as “Satin Doll” and “Misty”. Then of course, everyone is excited to learn more! The audiences grow larger with each of his visits. This kind of his music makes an impact! If and when a person lets it “come in on them”, they appreciate and enjoy jazz more and more.
In Quentin’s casual-clothes and hat, smile and greeting, he sinks into the keys, playing music representing and re-presenting human feelings across our times. And we relax.
I totally support Quentin Walston’s purpose in applying to your commission. I commend the joyous manner of this man, pianist, teacher, leader— touring around the country to bring us such uplifting programs. I have also listened to his Trio on YouTube, which is also marvelous.
I have loved jazz since the age of three. Trained from age six as a classical concertizing pianist, I have only now begun to play jazz, with Quentin Walston’s help!